Operation Rockpool – Statement

States of Jersey Police are taking the opportunity to thank Islanders after a significant reduction in anti-social behaviour and related issues over the weekend.

Working alongside the Honorary Police and Jersey Youth Service, the States Police started Operation Rockpool on Friday to tackle the growing issues of poor behaviour, public drunkenness and littering at a number of locations across the Island.

Increased numbers of police officers and youth workers were put on duty over the weekend to ensure a permanent presence at identified trouble spots from lunchtime on each day until late into the evening. The aim was to provide a high-visibility presence to reassure the public and deter unwanted behaviour.

Chief Inspector Mark Hafey, who led the operation, said: “I’m really pleased with how this weekend has gone.

“We’ve had a lot of positive feedback from the public and it’s clear that they, as us, feel that there has been a marked change in behaviour this weekend.

“It wasn’t entirely without issue but in the main people acted responsibly. Where there were problems we were able to deal with them quickly and effectively.

“I would particularly like to thank our young people, and their parents and guardians. I think we were right to highlight the growing issues with a minority of younger Islanders but it’s clear that they have listened to advice and this has been to the benefit of the Island as a whole.”

There were 22 arrests over the weekend, entirely comparable to a normal good weather weekend. Of these, 4 arrests were attributed to Operation Rockpool, 1 of whom was under-18.

CI Hafey added: “This operation was always about prevention rather than arrest tallies. Early intervention and good proactive work by the Honorary Police, Jersey Youth Service and ourselves has stopped many issues before they were able to escalate.

“We’ve clearly seen this weekend that it’s possible to enjoy this fine weather and our amazing outside spaces in a responsible and considerate way. I really hope this can continue in the coming weeks and months.”

The police will now review recent activity and Operation Rockpool to decide how to approach policing next weekend and over the coming weeks.