Op CANVAS – Action on Driving Offences

States of Jersey Police held an action day on Friday 4 September, as part of Operation Canvas; a commitment to further clampdown on motoring offences across the island.

The day and night operation involved States of Jersey Police and Honorary colleagues, as well as representatives from the Driving and Vehicle Standards (DVS), proactively stopping vehicles to ensure both the driver and vehicle state were adhering to the Jersey Road Traffic Law.

Since its launch in July, Operation Canvas has resulted in: 

  • 14 – arrests, including 2 for dangerous driving in excess of 80mph
  • 122 – speeders recorded
  • 1,118 – vehicles checked 
  • 25 – DVS appointments
  • 38 – further appointments with DVS, following roadside checks
  • 19 – impounded vehicles
  • 163 – ‘words of advice’ from officers
  • 1 – Parish Hall enquiry
  • 84mph – Highest speed recorded; under investigation (in St Ouen)

Acting Chief Inspector, Craig Jackson said: “We know from our engagement with the public that cracking down on motoring offences is really important to them, which is why we wanted to have a full action day around this operation.

“There are many different elements to motoring offences; drink driving, speeding, and being on your phone when driving is just some of the behaviours we still unfortunately see on the island’s roads.

“Alongside key stakeholders, we also continue with our commitment to target those motorists who are treating the island like a racetrack and remove any dangerous vehicles from the roads.”