About what we do

Legislative requirements;

The Jersey Police Authority (JPA) is an independent body established under Article 4 of the States of Jersey Police Force Law 2012
The Police Authority has been established to ensure that the States of Jersey Police Force:
– are an efficient and effective police force
– delivers the key aims and objectives set by the Minister, within the resources available
– acts in accordance with any management policies set by the Minister of Home Affairs

The Police Authority will be responsible for seeking, from the Minister, any additional resources required to enable the States of Jersey Police to deliver its key aims and objectives.

Additionally, the Police Authority are to make arrangements for obtaining:
the views of local people about the policing of their area; and the co-operation of local people in preventing crime.

What we do;

Each year members of the JPA and the senior management team of the States of Jersey Police (SOJP) hold several meetings to agree on the content of the Annual Policing Plan for the forthcoming year to ensure that policing priorities accurately reflect the needs of the community.

Similarly, the JPA also have meetings with the SOJP senior management team to discuss the contents of the Annual Report which will contain the performance statistics from the previous years business plan as well as highlighting features of the SOJP successes and challenges. This provides an opportunity to learn from experiences and ensures that the SOJP can continue to challenge themselves to improve future performance.

Additionally, meetings with SOJP senior management team occur quarterly to further assess in detail the performance against the objectives within the annual Policing Plan as well as discussing financial analysis, Operational and Non-Operational performance statistics. The Minister and Deputy Minister of Home Affairs are also invited to attend these meetings.

The Chair of the JPA regularly meets with the Chief Officer of Police and the Minister of Home Affairs’ to discuss ongoing Island matters including policies,  business decisions and future policing requirements.