Meet the Members

Dr Jason Lane – Chair Jason Lane

Jason has a strong Academic background and has studied policing styles for many years. Jason has spent much time researching the development of the English police model which the States Police largely follows. Jason brings great experience both as an academic and as a senior civil servant. Jason will be working within the Corporate Services Department looking into Business Management, Performance management, Workforce management and succession planning. Jason can be contacted directly on

Mr Andrew Cornish AC

Andrew is a locally registered Optometrist based in St Helier. Andrew brings a wealth of experience from his years working with the Jersey Police Complaints Authority and also as a member of the youth court panel. Andrew is looking forward to working within the Crime Services and Criminal Justice Department. Focussing on areas of Domestic Violence, Public protection, Victim & Witness Care programmes.   Andrew can be contacted directly on:

Mr Neville Oomrigar Neville Profile 2

Neville is currently a Board Director and Unit Manager for B&Q and describes himself as “a highly motivated senior manager who has an emotionally intelligent approach of working with an extremely high moral compass to social responsibility.” Neville is looking forward to contributing to a service aimed at the wider community and is a big believer that ‘people work for people’ and that it is a leader’s job to inspire teams to be the best version of themselves they can be. Neville lives in Jersey with his wife and young daughter and is delighted with his appointment as a member of the JPA stating;” I have been looking for an opportunity to provide a service to the community in a way I would find fulfilling and that would also marry with my leadership experience. I am grateful for this opportunity and very much look forward to working alongside the other members and the States of Jersey Police Officers. “

Advocate Hiren Mistry

Hiren Mistry

Hiren is currently working within the commercial department of local law firm Viberts focusing on Trust/Commercial advice and litigation and is an Advocate of the Royal Court. Having worked alongside the police in his professional capacity, Hiren already has a good understanding of how the States of Jersey Police operate and he understands the challenges that they face from both a victim of crime perspective and from individuals who find themselves within the criminal justice system. Hiren is looking forward to being part of the Jersey Police Authority and the exciting times of change ahead for the benefit of Jersey.

Mr George Kean – George Kean

George joins the Authority having recently retired from a 44 year career in Banking and Trust industries across various jurisdictions. George has successfully run a major trust company with strategic responsibility for the performance and results across Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man. Speaking of his new appointment George says;” On a personal level, I have a strong familial background in policing service including my father who served for 30 years. This experience has given me an insight into the various challenges facing both the police force and as individual officers. Whilst modern policing has become more sophisticated, I suspect the challenges remain the same and I am looking forward to having the opportunity to give something back to the wider community as well as being able to utilise my professional experiences.”

Our two political members are;

Deputy Scott Wickenden SMW

Scott is born and raised in Jersey. Scott was successfully elected as the new deputy for St Helier in the November 2014 elections and joined the Jersey Police Authority soon after.   Scott has a strong interest in the digital development within Jersey and he has worked in the FinTech industry for over 15 years where he has specialised in modern Service Delivery techniques.  Scott will be working alongside managers within Crime Services with a particular interest in Cyber Crime and Financial Crime.  Scott can be contacted on

david-johnson Deputy David Johnson

David Johnson joins the JPA following successfully re-election in 2018. David is a solicitor with over 40 years’ experience (mainly as a partner and principal) in a career which has included appointments as director and trustee. David has stated that ‘These appointments have provided me with the ability to listen and consider views of all parties and to make independent and impartial decisions, an ability which I have found invaluable and I look forward to bringing my skills and experience to the JPA’.

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